The Manitoba Wall & Ceiling Association (MWCA) is a non-profit professional trade association serving a wide ranging membership of contractors, manufacturers, & dealers. The MWCA's mission is to serve the Manitoba wall and ceiling industry by providing and promoting information and education to our membership and the construction industry as a whole.


Association Activity on Behalf of Members

Public Sector Construction Projects Tendering Act

Throughout 2018 and into 2019 MWCA has been in on-going contact with senior government officials on this Legislative Bill. It proposes to require the government  tendering departments and agencies to give equal acceptance to bids originating from non-unionized construction companies. When passed it would cover tender calls from government plus universities, health care facilities, school divisions and colleges.  In the past decisions on some projects have been made with consideration of whether a firm was party to a collective agreement, and whether union workers were on site. Non-union site firms were often required to pay fees to unions in lieu of being a union firm, and non-union workers were required to pay dues to unions even though they weren’t members. When the Act is proclaimed the tendering agencies will not be able to require or consider any of the past system.  MWCA will continue to provide our industry sector recommendations to Infrastructure Manitoba.

Prompt Payment Legislation

MWCA is one of the 31 construction industry organizations combining to push for passage of an Act that would guarantee prompt payment to contractors meeting specific conditions and time requirements. During the past three years the Working Group has been meeting with Provincial MLA’s and Ministers to lobby for the proposed legislation, a form of which is already in place in Ontario. MWCA has three representatives active in the industry coalition.

Government  Notifications Modernization Act

This proposed legislation would permit the Province to stop advertising Requests-For- Proposals, and tender calls in newspapers throughout Manitoba. Contractors would have to search online for the Manitoba Gazette listings, which are often a week or more after the tender call is issued.  MWCA has had a number of contacts with senior Government officials, pointing out the heavy reliance of our industry on tender notices publicly issued. In late November 2018 the Deputy-Minister advised us that proclamation of the Act would be delayed, and when it is proclaimed, the construction related tender calls will continue to be publicly issued.